Amazing Facts in Indonesia

There are very numerous facts Indonesia in terms of their lifestyle, work, fashion, economy, culture and art, and many more. Let us experience the amazing facts in Indonesia. Here are famous facts and Indonesia that you will probably apply in your life and see the difference. This is the moment you will be interested with other beliefs and traditions and you will also gain thorough understanding about the  difference of many nations and languages.

Rafflesia Arnoldii- This is the biggest flower in the world found in Indonesia.

Although there are other countries where rafflesia grows, Indonesia where the largest rafflesia grows.

There are around 150 volcanoes found in Indonesia since it i located in the ring of fire. This is also the reason why they experience one volcanic eruption a year.

Komodo dragon is only found in Indonesia. Komodo dragon is the most unique dragon on earth.

Indonesia Lake Toba is the largest volcanic lake in the world that killed numerous people when it erupted. It is the deadliest volcanic lake in the world.

Indonesia has the largest population in the world. Bit there are many different religions in Indonesia such as Catholicism and Hinduism.

Marriage is not allowed for those who have different religion from each unless one sacrifices his or her religion.

New born baby’s feet in Bali must not touch the the ground for the first six months of their infancy because according to their superstitious belief, babies can be prevent from the devil.