Bali: it’s Exotic Culture and Tradition

Bali culture very exotic and is very amazing. The people of Bali are nationalistic and they want their conservative life. Of course, their were changes in their mindset as time went by but that fact that they want to be living only in Bali exposes their love towards their hometown. Accordingly, their culture has an influence of Hinduism, a religious aspect in Indonesia. Balinese are really different  from the rest of the Indonesian since they adhere to the Balinese culture without being distracted from other culture and beliefs of different nations.

Although there had been so many generations that have already passed by, cultures and beliefs of Balinese were preserved by the  community. Jut like:

Family-Oriented- They believe that when they do not place importance in the family, their community will be also lie that. The community will experience chaos with each other causing the community to disperse.

Dance- Bali Dance is the cultural Dance that they have and the Wali Dance is more on their religious life so this is regarded as sacred.

Cremation-Unlike other culture and beliefs of the nation, Balinese cremation is the most costly moment in their entire life. It is because this is the time they will be reincarnated from their life and have a journey to their  second life. So while living, they save up money for their cremation.

Marriage ceremony- The bride and groom in Bali needs to be united in religion. They have two kinds of ceremonies, religious and civil ceremony.