Bali Indonesia value their art and now, these goods are filled with the art and culture of the natives. filled with love, I am sharing the product of our art.

Shop owners directly buy from Bali, since there is no other makers of these goods Except here in Bali, rare and cute items such as figurines and ashtrays!
There are plenty of original goods that are sold in the workshop and many people are longing to buy them fro their cuteness and attractiveness.
I gathered the unique animal motifs of the Balinese miscellaneous goods I met on the islands of the gods. There are plenty of items such as cat figurines, sea turtle ashtray, etc, Lots of people visit Ubud directly and order from them.. Please look at the miscellaneous goods which are handled only by Bali miscellaneous goods. Surely, you can find only your favorite items.

Handmade goods made by Balinese craftsmen are made with their great feelings, love, and soul.
That’s why we can make mysterious feelings. Be healed.
And, I smile a little.
I want a lot of people to experience Bali art and culture through the figurines that our people carve wholeheartedly. I want them to smile by just seeing, watching and touching these goods. Here are some of the figurines from Bali:

Fill your home with Balinese wood carving figurines and ashtrays. Save many souvenirs from Bali and keep in touch with our art and culture engraved in these miscellaneous goods. Make your home active and alive these goods. The moment you watch and see these ones, you will be filled with joy and happiness knowing that these cute products are making your home artistic and fantastic.These are like stars inside your house!