Live like a king in Bali, Indonesia. Your trip is incredibly worthy. The weather is cool. It is just good enough for tours.

Upon arriving in Bali, you will be greeted and welcomed by the Balinese dancer. Exploring Bali is breathtaking. So do not miss to do and experience all the activities in Bali.

If you are bored, it will never cross your mind again. Shopping, eating, cooking and so on are the things you need to do in Bali. Whitewater rafting. Get wet while riding down with the flow of water. Off-road tour. This is the best way to explore the entire interior of the island. Massage. Bali offers a massage giving you comfort and relief that it just costs 10 dollars per hour.

Experience monkey jungle.  If you are fond of monkeys, you can see a lot of monkeys in a semi controlled environment. It is a hilarious experience when you meet the wild monkeys. They are naughty.

Artwork. Balinese make exceptional and unique artwork whether it is made up of wood stone or fabric. Dance. Seeing Balinese dance is the highlight for every foreigner. It elaborates the customs in Indonesia accompanied by the beat of indigenous music. What makes Bali extra special is the fire dance performances held at night. Cooking class. Aside from eating, you can join cooking class and even try the traditional method of cooking. Featuring luwak coffee. The best coffee I the world comes from Bali.

More so, there is the classic fresh seafood style restaurant where you just basically pick out whatever fresh caught seafood you want and they will grill it up for you. Also, you can get Balinese experience performing purification ritual at the holy water pools.

In Bali, there is an access to security since there is a police checkpoint.

Bali is a place to live the way you want.