The beautiful small town decorated with arts

Art is very much appreciated in the country of Indonesia. You can find traces of it when you travel. The art they have preserved for many generations. It has been influenced by outside forces but only very little. They have still put down the roots of their culture.You can be able to witness how it was preserved when you go to the small ton of Ubud where everything you see is an art and you can be well informed of it. Galleries are very common place to display their works of arts and you can see many of them in this area.

Ubud has been featured many times in writing like newspapers and magazines and in television shows. Many have known about this through them. They have been curious so they went their to find out themselves and enjoy the fun and adventure. You can see the arts and crafts like woodcarvings that dominated the displays inside and outside the galleries. It features two distinct time in the history. The first one is before the world war II and the second is after it.

If you visit their you can find the Agung Rai Museum of Art (Arma). It is a gallery that is great in showcasing the arts of Indonesia. They featured ponds with orchids around the walkways, nice article. You can catch a glimpse of it in their site web that can be access easily.