The top designers of Indonesia with a fashion show

Designers are the ones who are given a talent of designing good dress or jeans. They are the ones that are sought by celebrities to design clothes for them as they have to look good always. They also need them when they attend some promotional programs, awards ceremony, pictorial or anything else. They are the ones that have the eye of good things and combinations of colors, materials, and prints. Some celebrities are designers themselves and have their own clothing line.

In Indonesia, they have their own designers that have lived years ago but still appreciated at this time. Today, there are contemporary designers that have revolutionized the arts of Indonesia making the collection. In many galleries, the works of many designers whether contemporary or before this time dusty comes with this service of beauty see page here. It is noteworthy that foreign artists have also influenced the design of the Indonesian fashion.

Let us introduce you to some Indonesian designer. One is Deden Siswanto that have made his own collection shown on the runway. The other Indonesian designer that has their own collection and presented it in runways are Geraldus Sugeng, Elizabeth Njomayfen, Priska Hanata, Ria Miranda, Zaskia Sungkar, and ViVi Zubedi. Their important source of inspiration is their roots in Indonesian art and culture.